10 Interesting Dolphin Facts

Dolphins are some of the most intelligent mammals out there. And they’re very popular among people. That is why we’re sharing interesting dolphin facts for kids and grown-ups alike!

  1. First, you should know there are a lot of different types of dolphins. More exactly, 43. Out of these, 38 are marine dolphins and the rest are are river dolphins. The majority of these dolphin species live in habitats with saltwater. A very small number thrive in freshwater. There is a certain kind of dolphin which is the most common among people. Its name is Bottlenose. Other species: Striped, Dusky, Spinner, Clymene, Fraser’s, Atlantic Spotted, Chinese White, Common, Indo Pacific Bottlenose, Commerson’s, Hector’s, Killer Whale, Rough Toothed, River, Pilot Whale, Pantropical Spotted, Burrunan, Pacific White Sided, Irrawaddy and Risso’s. The design and size of their skulls varies from species to species. Also, none of these dolphins shares the same DNA code with one another; or the same dorsal fin. A dolphin’s skin is extremely delicate.doplhin
  2. Where does the word dolphin come from, though? The origin of this name is tied to the word womb. In Greece, dolphin is a saying for fish with a womb.
  3. These mammals have terrestrial origins. One of the reasons for this info: they have to get air by coming to the surface now and then.
  4. Dolphins go by different names depending on age and gender. For instance, old female dolphins are called cows. A young dolphin has another name: calf. A male adult is called a bull. Then there’s another name that’s used when referring to a group of dolphins: pod or school. A pod can have approximately 12 dolphins.
  5. What do dolphins eat? That depends on their habitat. But mostly, they prefer fish. They also like these: crustaceans and squid. They’re known to eat about 13.60kg of fish in a day! Dolphins never chew their food; instead, they swallow it whole. The number of teeth a dolphin has is 100. If they don’t find enough food where they live, dolphins will migrate. Not just anywhere, though. These mammals like water which has the best temperature for their needs. A dolphin will not hunt on its own. Their hunting methods are different from situation to situation. In most cases, they will hunt in a pod by circling their prey. This creates a sort of a tight ball. After doing this, each individual dives into the ball’s center and eats.
  6. Dolphin behavior is complex. First off, they’re one of the most intelligent mammals. The size of an individual’s brain is bigger compared to the size of its body. Second, dolphins love to play with one another and other sea creatures. If one of the members in a school is in pain, the other dolphins will care for it. The same happens when one of the dolphins is old. These intelligent creatures locate various objects via echolocation. They are well-known for their pleasure to follow ships. Communication between dolphins is done via different sounds, such as whistling, clicking and so on.
  7. Dolphins see very well. That’s because they have a retina which collects light differently from other creatures’ retinas.
  8. To breathe, a dolphin has a blow-hole at the top. They use it every time they come to the water’s surface to inhale air. Dolphins do this every half an hour. Some of them do it about every 20 seconds.bottlenose-doplhins
  9. A calf stays with its mom 2-3 years. When it reaches adulthood, a dolphin will be able to swim faster than a human. This means a speed of around 40kph. In general, dolphins live up to 17 years. Some rare exceptions have a lifespan of 50 years.
  10. And now for some weird dolphin facts. Not all sides of their brains shut down when they sleep; only one does that. This makes it possible for them to be aware of possible dangers. This also lets them breathe. A dolphin has not one, but 2 stomachs. In fact the digestion happens in the second stomach; food is kept in the first stomach. The smell given off by a dolphin isn’t very pleasant. A dolphin baby comes out of its mother’s womb with its tail first. If a shark bites a dolphin, the latter’s body doesn’t lose blood. Instead, it heals at a very fast rate. The Boto River species is the only one to have hair (though it’s very small). The other species have hair only when they come into the world; it will be shed when they become adults.

Hope you enjoyed our best 10 facts and information on dolphins!

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