19 Exciting Uranus Facts

Uranus is one of the many planets people are fascinated with. If you know little about it, you can expand on your knowledge with the following post!

Our facts and info about Uranus aren’t meant only for adults; they’re useful for kids, too. So, if you love astrology, stay tuned and discover these important facts:

  1. you can’t see Uranus if you don’t use a powerful telescope. That’s because the planet is the seventh one from the Sun. It is, in fact, the first planet which was spotted by a scientist via the instrument we mentioned. His name was William Herschel. He observed it on March 13th 1781. Herschel was the one to discover 2 moons belonging to the planet, too;
  2. the equatorial diameter of Uranus is 51,118 km;
  3. its mass is 86,810,300,000,000,000 billion kg. Which means 14.536 times the mass of our planet;uranus
  4. Uranus has an equatorial circumference of 159,354 km;
  5. the planet’s polar diameter is 49,946 km;
  6. Uranus has a peculiar axis. According to astronomers, it points almost directly at our sun;
  7. the name “Uranus” comes from Ouranos. In ancient Greece, he was a deity of the sky. All the other planets have names based on Roman gods. But Uranus wasn’t the first name they decided to call the new planet. Here are the other options: Georgium Sidus (referring to England’s then King George III), Minerva, Hypercronius, and Herschel. Johann Bode was an astronomer from Germany. He was the one to give this planet its now popular name;
  8. Uranus is composed of gas in its entirety. Three other planets share this composition. They’re the following: Neptune, Saturn, and Jupiter;
  9. the color of this planet is a combination of blue and green. This is caused by the methane (2%) in its atmosphere. Besides this element, Uranus contains 15% helium and 83% hydrogen;
  10. another interesting fact is that over 80% of the planet’s mass has these: ammonia ices, methane, and water. These make up a fluid mix. It’s because of this that Uranus is considered an “ice giant;”Uranus-internal-structure
  11. Uranus goes around the sun every 84 Earth years. This means that one of the planet’s two halves is bathed in sunlight for a total of 42 years. The other half isn’t as lucky;
  12. compared to our planet, Uranus rotates in the other direction. It does that every 17 hours and 14 minutes;
  13. the planet’s average distance from the sun is 1,783,939,400 miles (or 2,870,972,200 kilometers);
  14. Uranus has a mantle made of methane and ammonia ices, as well as water. The core contains these: magnesium-silicate and iron. By mass, Uranus is composed of 5-15% hydrogen and helium, 60-70% ice, and approximately 25% rock;
  15. Uranus has 27 moons. They’ve been discovered by scientists throughout the years. But it’s possible that the planet has many others. The most important moons are Oberon, Ariel, Miranda, Titania, and Umbriel. Some of these names are taken from Shakespearean works. In fact she others come from another writer: Alexander Pope. Titania and Oberon were seen in 1787; Herschel was the one to spot them. The others were observed by another astronomer: William Lassell;
  16. Uranus has 13 rings, as found by astronomers so far. Another interesting fact is that they’re divided into 2 sets. There’s an outer system and an inner one of rings;
  17. Uranus has a surface temperature of -197 °C. The minimum atmospheric temperature there is as follows: -224°C. These make it a very cold planet;
  18. its extreme axial tilt creates some really strange weather. NASA, for instance, have recorded gigantic springtime storms. Their size could be compared to that of North America. The speed of winds on Uranus is amazing: around 560 miles (900 kilometers) in 1 hour;
  19. this fascinating planet received a visit from Voyager 2. The latter was one of NASA’s spacecrafts. It happened in 1986. To this day, Voyager 2 is the only spacecraft to come face-to-face with Uranus.

What do you think of Uranus now that you know more about it?

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