8 Interesting Left-handed Facts

There are varied discussions on the left-handed versus right-handed matter. One thing’s for sure: being left-handed can be an annoyance for people born that way. But there are also those who don’t mind doing things with their left hand. There are even advantages to being left-handed, as well as many interesting facts and myths to consider. Here’s a look at them all.

The majority of people use their right hands for a wide variety of activities. Only 10-12% of the world’s population do things left-handed. It seems that the world around us was meant for right-handed folks. But even so, lefties have just as much fun as people doing things with their right hands.

Moving on, here are some scientific facts. According to researchers, left-handed people use the right part of their brain in 30% of cases. Some of them don’t use one side of the brain more than the other. The majority of people, however, learn a new language by using the left hemisphere. People using their right hands use only one of the hemispheres. Other studies have shown that being left-handed means you’re more prone to mental disorders and reading impediments such as dyslexia and stuttering. Bin Laden and Jack the Ripper are some of the most famous left-handed criminals. On the other hand, lefties are safer against ulcer and arthritis. Then there are some studies which say that lefties have a more creative brain, so they’re more into the arts. In terms of smartness, IQ tests performed on both left-handed and right-handed individuals showed this: lefties have higher IQs.left-handed

When we go back in history, a small number of Neanderthal people were left-handed. Parents whose kids were left-handed in last century’s Britain had their left hand tied down. In his younger years, future king George VI, who was naturally a lefty, was made by his tutors to use his right hand in day-to-day activities.

Many amazing and even weird facts about left-handed people are up next. Let’s begin with some trivia information. A left-handed person has more chances than a right-handed one when it comes to stroke recovery. Many of the most famous tennis players, swimmers, baseball players, boxers and football players are left-handed. The US have had 4 left-handed presidents. August 13th is International Left Handers Day. This was started in the UK by Left-Hander’s Club in the 90s.

When using a QWERTY keyboard, one has to type 1447 English words using one’s left hand. Where twins are concerned, one of them will be a lefty. The famous Macintosh computer was created by 5 people; 4 were lefties! There is a castle in Scotland that has spiral staircases going counterclockwise. Ferniehirst Castle has been owned by the Kerr family. They’re known for their left-handed members, which is why those staircases were built. In Scotland, left-handed people are known as corrie-fisted (or Kerr-handed).

Scientific left-handed facts show that 3D thinking and perception work better with lefties. They have more migraines and make multitasking into an art. Some have said that left-handed people live 9 years less compared to right-handed persons. That’s not true. The majority of people with insomnia are lefties, too. They also have more allergies. Left-handed people are known to reach puberty later than the right-handed by 4-5 times.

Since the English word “left” comes from the Latin one “sinister”, kids who were lefties had to write stuff using their right-hands. Nuns forced them to do so. Satan is depicted in many paintings, illustrations and such as being a lefty. In Christian churches, a priest performs benedictions using his right hand; the Devil does it via the left hand. “Left” also comes from this Anglo-Saxon term: “lyft”. Its meaning is “weak” (or “broken”). In a nutshell, people using their left hands have had quite the bad reputation. Speaking of Satan: throughout history, witches in the old continent cast various spells with their left hands.

There are many left-handed celebrities. Here’s a list of some of them:

  • Barack Obama;
  • Einstein;
  • Abraham Lincoln;
  • Prince William of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland;
  • Julia Roberts;
  • Hugh Jackman;
  • Oprah Winfrey;
  • Jerry Seinfeld;
  • Ridley Scott;
  • Paul Verlaine;
  • David Bowie;
  • Lady Gaga;
  • Leonardo da Vinci;
  • Vincent Van Gogh;
  • Bill Gates;
  • Arjen Robben;
  • LeBron James.

Anime, comics, live action films and video games have their own left-handed characters:

  • Bart and Marge Simpson;
  • Garfield;
  • Uryuu Ishida;
  • Princess Zelda (Twilight Princess Wii version);
  • Mio (from K-On);
  • Shauntal;
  • Hellboy;
  • Shang (from Mulan);
  • Marceline the Vampire Queen;
  • SpongeBob SquarePants.

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