8 Interesting Starfish Facts

Starfish – or sea stars – have always fascinated people. Today we find out why!

  1. Many interesting facts and information are available about sea stars. In reality, though, they aren’t exactly fish. These beautiful marine animals don’t move like fish do. They don’t even come with these: fins, scales or gills. To move around, starfish make use of small tube-like feet. A starfish cannot swim like a fish does.
  2. A sea star has relatives among sand dollars, sea urchins, and also sea cucumbers. Starfish are part of a group known as echinoderms. The latter encompasses marine animals whose habitat is very wide. This means you’ll find echinoderms in every ocean out there. The Pacific and Indian Oceans alike register the largest starfish populations.starfish
  3. No one knows the exact number of starfish species. More than 2,000 have been spotted so far. You can find them in cold or deep waters. Some of them also like tropical regions and others enjoy the intertidal zone. You’ll never ever discover a starfish in freshwater.
  4. Sea stars have a particular appearance. They come in a variety of colors, and each is eye-catching. Their skin is both calcified and bony. These act as an armor. They come in handy in case a predator attacks them. The fascinating colors also help them camouflage. The name “sea star” or “starfish” lets you know how this animal’s body shape is like. However, not every starfish out there comes with 5 arms. Some are known to have 40 arms! Even so, the body of a sea star can be split in 5 pieces of equal sizes. The most a starfish can weigh is 11 pounds (4.98kg). A starfish’s arm has an eye spot at its end. This means that sea stars can see, even if poorly. Mostly, these “eyes” have the ability to feel dark and light.
  5. The length of a starfish is 5-10 inches (12.7 – 25.4cm). According to National Geographic, sea stars recreate their entire body (some of them, at least) or only a couple of limbs. The secret of this regenerative power: their arms are the ones to store vital organs. However, renewing limbs or the whole body requires no less than 1 year. A sea star has no blood and no brain.
  6. Starfish also eat, just like any animal. They have a mouth which is situated on their bodies’ underside. Sea stars don’t have only one stomach; they actually have two. Their food consists of mussels, snails, shells, small fish, and clams. Barnacles are also in their diet. One of the stomachs we mentioned is very helpful when large prey is involved. That stomach can be pushed outside the starfish’s body during its feeding process.impressive-starfish
  7. Starfish reproduction is another fascinating process. A sea star can reproduce either asexually or sexually. For the latter, a starfish will blend both females’ and males’ reproductive cells. The other reproductive method means the isolation of the body at the center followed by the regeneration of the missing body part. Throughout  this process, the eggs and sperm released by both female and male starfish become intertwined. This results into a a fertilized egg. Which, in turn, will become a new sea star.
  8. The typical lifespan of a starfish is 35 years. These creatures naturally have predators. Among them you’ll find various fish species, seagulls, sea otters, sharks, and rays.

Sea stars are some of the most delightful sea creatures you’ll ever see. Let us know if you like them, too!

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