Interesting Amazon Rainforest Facts

The Amazon rainforest is very important for each of us. Without it, the planet would lose one of its essential sources of oxygen, food, medicine, flora, and fauna. Do you want to educate yourself and your kids on this matter? We have just the post for you, with a mix of interesting facts and figures.

Here we go:

  • the Amazon rainforest is our planet’s largest tropical rainforest. Its location is South America. A natural wonder, it covers this surface of land: 5.500.000 km². Half of it is situated in this country: Brazil (60%). The rest is divided as such: 10% for Columbia, 13% for Peru, and small percents for certain countries. They’re the following: Venezuela, Suriname, Bolivia, Ecuador, and the Guyanas;
  • the Amazon forest was formed some 55 million years ago. It has always been a haven for various native tribes, along with diverse species of animals, plants and so on. In fact it is also home for the Amazon river;
  • this important rainforest takes its name from a war. It was fought between South American tribes and the first ever person from Europe who arrived there. This man traveled along the Amazon river for the first time back in those time. His name was Francisco de Orellana. Among those tribes was one called the Tapuya of Brazil. The men were joined by women in the fight. Francisco gave these women the following name: Amazons;
  • the Amazon rainforest is more commonly referred to as the “lungs of the planet.” The reason behind this name: 20% of our Earth’s oxygen comes from that region;
  • the forest floor there lacks sunlight most of the day. Under 1% of the sun’s rays shine through the thick canopy of trees. This is why you’ll only feel rain drops after 10 minutes;amazon-rainforest
  • you won’t be able to grow anything in the Amazon rainforest. The soil’s quality is very low;
  • the Amazon rainforest is rich in plants and birds. Other interesting facts: there are over 40,000 plant varieties and 2,500,000 insect species. More than 2,000 fish species can also be found there. This amazing place also holds 1,500 species of birds. Many vampire bats live in the Amazon rainforest, too;
  • apart from these, the Amazon rainforest is also home to tribes found nowhere else. An exact number hasn’t yet been discovered. But as of now, there are 50 native tribes there. 6-9 million Amazon natives used to live in the region in 1500. Approximately 250,000 exist nowadays. The Amazon natives speak different languages. There are around 170 of these;
  • the Amazon rainforest contains trees and plants whose fruit can be eaten. There are some 3,000 examples of this food;
  • if you ever visit this important place, be careful of its spiders. Many dangerous species live there. Also, beware of the equally dangerous snake species; the anaconda is one of the deadliest. Other animals to watch out for: poisonous dart frogs;
  • some 390 billion individual trees live in the Amazon rainforest. Also, there are about 16,000 species of trees;
  • rainforests provide us humans with 80% of our daily meals. These essential places offer the following: potatoes, coffee, corn, and tomatoes. A rainforest is also the source of rice, bananas, pineapples, and black pepper. But that’s not all. The Amazon rainforest and all the others are also great when it comes to medicine. More than 25% of pills and other medicinal remedies used nowadays come from these priceless areas. There are many among them with anticancer properties. Even more medicine can be created if other plants in the rainforest are further examined;
  • the Amazon rainforest has the loudest bird. Its name: toucan;
  • 2005 and 2010 both saw heavy droughts. During those times, a lot of vegetation was affected. Throughout time, however, the Amazon rainforest has also fallen victim to heavy deforestation. The latter began 100 years ago. Cattle ranching is one of the reasons of the deforestation;
  • about 2,700 million acres of rainforest are burned yearly. A very concerning fact is that in every second that goes by means the loss of 1.5 acres of rainforests. Each day, 137 species native to the Amazon rainforest become extinct. In case this doesn’t end soon, every rainforest will disappear in 40 years’ time;
  • according to experts on climate change, the latter is very dangerous for the Amazon rainforest. 75% of the Amazon will be in danger of destruction should the world’s temperature increase by 3 °C.

Our list of facts ends here. Did you enjoy reading them?

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