• Intriguing Grizzly Bear Facts

    Grizzly bears (Ursus arctos ssp.) have one of the worst reputations in the animal kingdom. Time to show you these creatures aren’t what they’re made out to be. Stay with us as we share some interesting facts and info about the grizzly bear! a grizzly bear belongs to the same family that the brown bear is

  • 13 Bearded Dragon Facts

    Bearded dragons may look weird to some people. Others adore them and keep them as pets. These animals are interesting and you’ll see what we mean after you read our sheet of facts and information. the bearded dragon is, first of all, a lizard. It has this scientific name: Pogona Vitticeps; the animal hails all the way

  • 29 Fascinating Elephant Facts

    Our planet is inhabited by many large land animals, and they include the elephant. Like the giraffe, already mentioned here, this animal is very easy to recognize. Today we’re introducing several facts and information about the elephant! two elephant species roam the earth. One of them is called the African elephant. The other is known

  • Important Animal Testing Facts

    Animal testing is a controversial procedure. Experimenting with animals is both painful and inhumane for them. We’re explaining why in here! Before bringing new cosmetics, a medicinal product, household cleaners and such on the market, tests need to be done. That’s because people using them may encounter health problems. Or the environment may suffer. This

  • 14 Interesting Kangaroo Facts

    Along with koalas, kangaroos are some of Australia’s most popular animals. Many tourists come to see them in their natural habitat. If you’re fascinated by these creatures, have a look at our kangaroo facts. The family a kangaroo comes from is called Macropodidae. This is made of various other marsupials. Out of these, kangaroos have the

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