Interesting Anne Frank Facts

If you have some free time on your hands, we recommend reading Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl. Before you do that, get to know more about this fascinating girl by reading these facts and information!

Let’s begin:

  1. Anne was born in Frankfurt am Main on 12 June 1929 in a family of Jewish origin. Her place of birth was situated in Germany. Her mom was called Edith and her dad’s name was Otto. Anne had a sister who was older than her by 3 and a half years. Her name was Margot. Otto Frank worked as a businessman. Her mother didn’t have a job; instead, she took care of the two girls at home. Out of the two sisters, Anne was the outgoing one. Her biggest dream was to become a writer;
  2. Germany had a new leader in 1933. His name: Adolf Hitler. Hitler’s hate for Jewish people coupled with a powerful antisemitism and economic crisis forced the Franks to leave for the Netherlands. The father was the first to move, then Edith and the girls followed him in 1934. That year, Amsterdam became their new home. The new address was the Merwedeplein (Merwede Square) in that city. Anne’s dad had found a job with the Opekta Works in Amsterdam before the move;
  3. while in the Netherlands, Anne started her studies at a Montessori school. Her sister went to a public school. Literature became Anne’s favorite school subject;
  4. Otto Frank founded Pectacon in 1938. This company dealt with spices used for sausage-making. One of his advisers was Hermann van Pels. 1 year later, Anne’s grandmother (from her mother’s side) came to live with the family till 1942, when she died;
  5. World War II started in 1939. On 1 September that same year, Poland was invaded by Germany. Before the start of the war, Anne’s Frank had tried to move the family to the United States and England. No success;Anne-Frank
  6. the Netherlands was invaded and then occupied by Germany in 1940. Several regulations against people of Jewish origin took effect. Anne and her sister had to continue their studies in a Jewish school. Otto Frank had to hide the fact that he was a Jew. For that, he transferred his company’s shares to one of his associates in 1941. After that, he resigned from the position he held at the Pectacon. The latter and its important assets were transferred to Gies and Company;
  7. the Franks tried, once more, to emigrate to the US. Once again, they were not successful. The parents decided to go into hiding with Anne, Margot and their grandmother. Otto’s business premise was located on the Prinsengracht. Behind it was a house. This became the family’s hiding place on July 6, 1942. Prior to that, on 5 July, Margot had been summoned for a German work camp;
  8. the house received Hermann van Pels and his relatives next. Herman was Otto’s business partner. Fritz Pfeffer joined them in November. He was a dentist. All of them received clothes, food and other necessities via Otto’s former office workers;
  9. during the confinement, Anne kept a diary. She had received it when she had turned 13 years old. Her day-to-day activities and innermost feelings were recorded there for 2 years. This diary also contained short stories written by Anne Frank herself. It was edited by her after a message sent by the Minister of Education on the radio. He thought it important for people to record, on paper, the war and its effects on their daily lives. After editing her own diary, Anne wanted to create The Secret Annex. This was supposed to be a novel;
  10. Anne wrote her last thoughts in the diary on August 1 1944. 3 days later, she and the other people hiding in the annex were arrested. This happened after a German raid. After the arrest, they were sent here: the Punishment Barracks. Auschwitz was the final destination;
  11. Anne died in March 1945 in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. She was 15 and suffered from typhus. Her father was the only Holocaust survivor. The diary of Anne had been found and rescued by Miep Gies and Bep Voskuijl after the family’s arrest. The two were one of the office workers which helped the Franks while they were in the secret annex. Miep returned the diary to Otto, who had been freed in 1945.

Some unknown facts about Anne and her diary:

  • so far, it’s been translated into a number of 67 languages;
  • the diary’s first edition was known as Het Achterhuis. This is translated as The Back House. It appeared in the Netherlands in 1947;
  • over 30,000,000 copies have been sold;
  • an Alabama school thought the diary as “a real downer.” It happened in 1983. That’s why they wanted to keep it away from children;
  • the diary is written in the form of various letters to different people. Most of them address someone called Kitty. It hasn’t been determined yet who she was. Other letters are written for the following: Emmy and Conny. A number of them are addressed to these: Pop and Marianne;
  • France and Germany refused to publish the diary in 1950;
  • the actual diary was, in fact, made of an autograph book, 2 notebooks, and loose leaf paper (the latter was used for 360 pages);
  • Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl appeared in the US in 1952;
  • the diary was published in the UK that same year;
  • thousands of letters were sent to Otto Frank. They were sent by people all over the world who were impressed by Anne’s work. He personally answered all of them;
  • another interesting facts is a footage of Anne Frank (the only clip of Anne discovered so far), which was recorded in 1941;
  • a popular TV mini-series based on Anne’s diary came out in 2001. Its name is Anne Frank: The Whole Story;
  • the Prinsengracht building was saved from demolition. It became the Anne Frank House in 1960 and it has since been visited by a large number of tourists;
  • a charity foundation called The Anne Frank Fonds was created in 1963;
  • the Anne Frank Educational Centre was opened in 1997;
  • the Anne Frank Ballet was performed in 1959 for the first time;
  • there’s an asteroid which has her name. It was discovered in 1942 and baptised in 1995. Its name: 5535 Annefrank.

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