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  • 22 Interesting Zebra Facts

    Kids and adults have always had a soft spot for zebras. With good reason: these animals are not only unique-looking, but they also have interesting traits. These and more interesting zebra facts are all presented in today’s post. Our top interesting zebra facts begin here: A zebra is known all over the world for its one

  • Intriguing Grizzly Bear Facts

    Grizzly bears (Ursus arctos ssp.) have one of the worst reputations in the animal kingdom. Time to show you these creatures aren’t what they’re made out to be. Stay with us as we share some interesting facts and info about the grizzly bear! a grizzly bear belongs to the same family that the brown bear is

  • 13 Bearded Dragon Facts

    Bearded dragons may look weird to some people. Others adore them and keep them as pets. These animals are interesting and you’ll see what we mean after you read our sheet of facts and information. the bearded dragon is, first of all, a lizard. It has this scientific name: Pogona Vitticeps; the animal hails all the way

  • Important Animal Testing Facts

    Animal testing is a controversial procedure. Experimenting with animals is both painful and inhumane for them. We’re explaining why in here! Before bringing new cosmetics, a medicinal product, household cleaners and such on the market, tests need to be done. That’s because people using them may encounter health problems. Or the environment may suffer. This

  • Interesting Vietnam War Facts

    Today we want to bring to you some interesting facts and information on the Vietnam War. We’ll mention its timeline, dates, and important Vietnam War facts and figures. The Vietnam War was initially known as the Second Indochina War. It started in 1954 and ended in 1975. The communist regime of North Vietnam and the

  • Interesting Anne Frank Facts

    If you have some free time on your hands, we recommend reading Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl. Before you do that, get to know more about this fascinating girl by reading these facts and information! Let’s begin: Anne was born in Frankfurt am Main on 12 June 1929 in a family of Jewish origin. Her place

  • Fascinating Great Depression Facts

    The Great Depression is an important landmark in history. Many debates have been raised on the matter. We’re chipping in with several interesting facts and figures, as well as statistics. A lot of people think the Great Depression began in 1929. In fact, it started in the early 1920s. The main cause which triggered this

  • Amazing Coral Reef Facts

    A coral reef is one of nature’s most fascinating works of art. It’s important for kids and adults to understand why they have to be protected. Let’s see how come coral reefs are so interesting and important! Several interesting facts and information are available below: 3 types of coral reefs can be found: coral atolls,

  • 31 Interesting Jackie Robinson Facts

    Jackie Robinson is celebrated by America’s Major League Baseball every year on the same date. He’s one of the most widely recognized baseball players. If you don’t know why, now is a good opportunity to find out. April 15 is an important date. It’s Jackie Robinson’s day. 67 years ago, he became the first African-American

  • Grand Canyon Interesting Facts

    If you haven’t visited the Grand Canyon yet but you want to, here’s what you need to know about it. There are plenty of useful and interesting facts and figures about the Grand Canyon of Colorado: first of all, this is one of the most celebrated natural wonders of our times (it’s in the popular

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