13 Bearded Dragon Facts

Bearded dragons may look weird to some people. Others adore them and keep them as pets. These animals are interesting and you’ll see what we mean after you read our sheet of facts and information.

  1. the bearded dragon is, first of all, a lizard. It has this scientific name: Pogona Vitticeps;
  2. the animal hails all the way from Australia. There, they live in desert areas, savannas, and woodlands. A bearded dragon’s habitat stretches from the southeastern Northern Territory to the eastern half of South Australia. The US have welcomed these lizards in the 1990’s;
  3. the size (in length) of a bearded dragon is 12-24 inches. This includes the animal’s head and the very tip of its tail. The head has the shape of a triangle. There are rows of spikes on it. The abdomen also has spines. Beneath the lizard’s head are rows of spiked scales. They’re able to quickly modify their colors. These scales come in very handy when danger is near; the bearded dragon will then enlarge its throat and those scales till they all look like a beard. The moment the mating season starts, a male’s scales will become darker;
  4. the animal’s body can either be yellow or tan. Very strong legs support it. It is also really muscular. The body of a male is larger compared to that of a female. In fact if you want to recognize a female from a male, look at her tail, beard and head (besides her body size). Females come with beards that are lighter in color. Also, their heads are narrower. The tail of a female bearded dragon is both more slender and thinner. The tails, both for males and females, cannot become detached if the animal’s in danger. Also, if these fall off, regeneration isn’t possible for them;bearded-dragon
  5. regulating its body temperature comes easy for this lizard. This is done by the skin, which can change color;
  6. the diet of bearded dragons is made of meat. These lizards feed on insects. They can also eat other lizards, as well as small rodents. But a bearded dragon won’t run away from plants, either;
  7. the natural enemies of a bearded dragon are these: birds of prey, dingoes, and large goannas (another type of lizard);
  8. in the wild, a bearded dragon can live 4 to 10 years. If they’re kept as pets, these interesting lizards can reach 8-14 years old;
  9. after mating season is over, the female is going to lay her eggs in a hole. But first, she’ll create a nest. The number of eggs a female bearded dragon lays: 15-50. Hatching takes 1-3 days. Another interesting fact is that to crack the egg, the baby bearded dragon is equipped with a special tooth. This will help it free itself from said egg. When the youngsters are 8-12 months, they’ll be able to reproduce;eastern-bearded-dragon
  10. the behavior of the bearded dragon is unlike any other. As soon as a young male comes face-to-face with an older and more dominant one, he will stand on 3 legs; the fourth member will be rotated in the air;
  11. many people keep bearded dragons as pets. That’s because they’re quiet, gentle, and not fussy. Very rarely do they attack their owners. Taking care of a bearded dragon is easy. First of all, you should buy a terrarium of a big size; an aquarium of a large size will also do. Then, make sure one of these has a screened top. Buy the following next: a heat emitter and heat pad to place under the aquarium (or the terrarium). If you can’t find a heat emitter, you can use a normal daylight bulb. Next, get a combination light fixture; this should offer both incandescent and fluorescent lights. The bottom of the terrarium will then need a substrate. After that, find a UVB fluorescent bulb. You should also offer your pet an area where it can easily hide itself. The animal will also require basking and climbing elements. In fact these can be logs or rocks; branches are also good. The food you’ll get for your lizard needs something to be placed in. A bowl works very well. There, you can put insects such as these: meal worms and crickets. You can opt for super worms, too, but make sure they’re gut loaded. Fresh and frozen mixed veggies are preferred by the bearded dragons, too. Some examples: dandelion greens, peas, beans, mustard, and carrots. You need to give them calcium and vitamin D3 supplement powder, as well. A water bowl is another thing you must buy for your pet;
  12. a bearded dragon is capable of producing harmless venom;
  13. this type of lizard cannot run at a very fast speed. The most they can run is 9 miles per hour (14.48 kph).

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