The most Interesting Cheetah Facts

Cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus) have the reputation of being the fastest land mammals. But there’s more to them than that. We aim to reveal more on the life, habitat and such of this majestic creature. Just sit comfortable and let us do the rest!

Some interesting and fun cheetah facts are available below:

  • the speed of a cheetah is unique in the animal kingdom. However, this isn’t the only thing that makes it so fascinating. Cheetahs are very lean. They body is thin. Four long and strong feet support it. They are one of the elements that give a cheetah its incredible speed. The color of this animal’s body is tan. There are many spots covering its body; they’re all black in color. Each of the cheetah’s eyes has a tear stripe stretching from each of the corners. They end on its nose’s sides. The head of a cheetah is smaller compared to that of other mammals. Cheetahs also have tails. They are really long and help the animal steer while running after its prey;
  • the size of an adult cheetah is 3.5-4.5 ft (1.1-1.4 m) without its tail. The latter adds some 25.5-31.5 in (meaning 65-80 in cm) to the animal’s size. Its weight is something like this: 77-143 lbs (or 35-65 kg). The eyes of this impressive predator see extremely well. The coat with those black spots make it easy for the cheetah to hide itself from its unsuspecting prey;
  • nowadays, cheetah populations have decreased. The past saw more than 100,000 individuals. In fact, these days, there are about 9,000-12,000 cheetahs. The habitat of a cheetah is made of these areas in Africa: southwestern, central, and eastern. There is also a population of approximately 200 individuals in this country: Iran;cheetah-family
  • cheetahs are mammals whose diet is made of gazelles in most cases. They also feed on the following: small-hoofed animals and impalas. A cheetah doesn’t say no to wildebeest calves, either. The strong teeth of this animal easily pierce through the prey’s skin. Another interesting fact is that before it can feed, though, the cheetah has to catch their source of food. For that, they will sprint over long distances till the prey is finally caught. The whole hunting process ends in under 1 minute. The kill is then taken to a place where other predators don’t have quick access. Hunting is done during early evenings; it can also happen during late mornings. Cheetahs only need water once every 3-4 days;
  • the season of mating for cheetahs takes place all year round. Another interesting fact is that some 3 years are needed for a female cheetah to gestate. Once said period is all done, she will give birth to 2-4 babies. The name of such an offspring is a “cub.” It has a very specific kind of hair. The latter is known as a “mantle.” It’s woolly and also long. The purpose of this type of hair is to protect the cubs against enemy attacks. The young cheetahs don’t stay in one place too long. Their mom moves them every couple of days. Cubs stop feeding on milk when they’re 5-6 weeks. They’ll become independent when they’re about 2 years old. The female cheetah is one of the most affectionate mothers in the animal kingdom;
  • cheetahs aren’t social creatures. They become active in daytime;
  • 3 seconds are needed for a cheetah to reach 100 km an hour. This animal is able to reach up to 113 km per hour;
  • to communicate, a cheetah will let out sounds similar to those of birds. It can also growl and purr;
  • the first cheetah appeared 4,000,000 years ago. Only back then, it was bigger than today’s individual;
  • Native Americans see cheetahs as symbols for focus. They also consider them representations of insight and swiftness;
  • the first tame cheetah could be seen in ancient Egypt. In fact it was seen as royalty and pharaohs kept them as hunting buddies;
  • cheetahs love to groom one another;
  • “cheetah” comes from Sanskrit. This word is derived from the following term: “variegated.” This translates as “exhibiting patches of different colors”;
  • a cheetah used to be associated with gods such as Bacchus;
  • the heart of a cheetah is very strong. This makes it possible for them to not have a heart attack when running after gazelles and other prey;
  • another interesting fact is that the cheetahs live approximately 10-12 years in the wild;
  • a cheetah will never consume these parts of their food: the bones and skin;
  • these animals are vulnerable, according to the IUCN.

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