Interesting George Washington Facts

George Washington is an emblematic figure in US history and there are a lot of interesting things and facts about his life and legacy. You’re about to read on them today:

  1. The first president of America is George Washington. He saw the light of day on February 22, 1732. Washington was born here: Westmoreland County, Virginia. His great grand-grandfather had come all the way from England to settle in Virginia. George’s father was called Augustine. His mother’s name was Mary Ball. Another interesting fact is was that the couple had 6 children. The eldest of them was George. The family belonged to the then middling class;
  2. George Washington grew up on Ferry Farm. This place was opposite Fredericksburg, located in the same Virginia;
  3. An amazing fact is that he didn’t go to school. George’s parents preferred schooling him at home. This started when he was 6-7 years old and ended when he became 15 years old. The classes he took were these: the English classics, practical math, and Latin. He also studied geography. His mother taught him all about colonial culture;
  4. When George was 17, he became official surveyor of Culpeper County. He did that for 2 years, till 1751;
  5. One year later, he took the reins of the Washington lands. George was made adjutant in the Virginia militia. His rank was that of major. He was sent to Fort LeBoeuf in 1753. There, George attacked a French post. This was the start of the French and Indian war. Retaliation after his attack followed. During this time, George was taken hostage. He was freed not long afterwards and his adventures earned Washington a mention in famous gazettes based in London. Then a congratulation from the House of Burgesses;George-Washington
  6. Washington became colonel in 1755. Then he received a spot on Edward Braddock’s army. He was a British general in Virginia. That same year, George was appointed commander. He had every troop in Virginia under his command;
  7. By 1757, Washington became ill. Because of this, he had to return home;
  8. One year later, George Washington took control of the Ohio Valley. At the same time, Fort Duquesne was captured. Later that year, he retired from his post;
  9. Martha Dandridge Custis became his wife in 1758. The marriage with her made Washington very rich. Martha had 2 children from a previous marriage. Their names were Martha and John;
  10. Before the start of the Revolution, George worked on his lands. The American Revolution saw him as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army;
  11. George became president in 1787. After his first term ended, Washington was elected once more as president of the US. This makes him the only American president to be chosen as such by an approval which was unanimous;
  12. During Washington’s first term, peace treaties were signed with Native American tribes. Also, the American debt was greatly reduced. The capital was established in a district. It was located along the Potomac River;
  13. George also witnessed the Whiskey Rebellion. This took place in 1791. It was caused by one of his bills. The latter allowed the Congress to tax distilled spirits. The conflict ended one year later;
  14. His second term as president ended in 1797. George went back to his home in Mount Vernon. Washington died on December 14, 1799. Both France and Britain paid their respects at the time;
  15. The legacy and accomplishments of George Washington are very important. During his time, the presidency became a crucial part in the 3 power branches of the government. He also set a limit to the number of terms the same president could serve: two;
  16. People who knew him talked about his sense of patriotism and honor. He was also considered as having a great sense of duty;
  17. George Washington and his wife didn’t have kids.

Let’s take a look at some fun facts:

  • he used to cultivate hemp. But the latter was only used for making products such as paper and rope. Crop rotation is a concept which came from him;
  • Washington had bad teeth. He had all of them removed at the age of 57;
  • he was one of America’s tallest presidents;
  • George adored dogs. He had several whose names were Sweet Lips and True Love. Another dog was called Tarter;
  • this president loved string beans with mushrooms. In fact he also enjoyed eating mashed sweet potatoes with coconut and cream of peanut soup.

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