Interesting Martin Luther King Jr. facts

Martin Luther King Jr. is, along with Rosa Parks and others, one of the most influential names in history. His impact on the civil rights movement is very strong. This is why we’ll tell you some interesting facts about him.

And we’ll start with his biography and family life. Martin Luther King Jr. saw the light of day on January 15, 1929. He was born in this city: Atlanta. It’s located in the USA. His actual birth name was the following: Michael King Jr. This is due to the fact that one of his dad’s inspirations was Martin Luther, a Protestant Reformation leader. His father was a pastor and Martin had a sister and a brother. Martin’s high school years were spent at Booker T. Washington High School. He then started college at 15 due to the fact that he was a gifted pupil. After finishing Morehouse College with a degree in Sociology, King Jr. studied at Crozer Theological Seminary. This granted him a Divinity degree. Next, he graduated Boston University with a degree in Theology in 1955.

Moving on with Martin Luther Jr.’s timeline, we arrive at a moment in time where he became a minister. Before graduating college, Martin married Coretta Scott in 1953 and the couple had 4 kids:Bernice, Yolanda, Dexter, and Martin. After Rosa Parks didn’t her seat to a white man in a bus, Martin Luther King Jr. started a civil rights action, the first ever in his life. It was called Montgomery Bus Boycott. He led the action for a year with this result: discrimination on the Montgomery buses finally ended. During the boycott, Martin’s house went through bombing. He also went to jail.Martin-Luther-King-Jr

Back in 1955, Martin tried to convince the government of the US of this: discrimination based on race in Souther states was illegal. This created backlash from racists.

In 1957, he participated in the Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the many to speak during this important civil rights movement. It was his first speech ever. The topic was this: voting rights. 6 years later, Martin took part in the March on Washington. He helped organize this famous movement, which saw the participation of more than 250,000 people. They marched for many things. Among them: laws that could restrict employment discrimination, protection from police misconduct and an end to discrimination in public schools.

I have a Dream” is Martin’s most famous speech. It was given during the March on Washington movement at the Lincoln Memorial in 1963. Following the march, this was passed in 1964: the Civil Rights Act. It meant that all racial discrimination would be banned. That same year, Martin Luther King Jr., aged 35, receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Martin died in 1968 in Memphis. He was killed by a white racist called James Earl Ray.

Now for some little known facts about Martin Luther King Jr. He found inspiration from a lot of famed people. One of them was Gandhi. When Gone with the Wind premiered in Atlanta, he sang there with his church choir. The US have more than 730 streets which bear his name. There is even a national holiday named after him; only Christopher Columbus and George Washington share this with him. 10 years before his death, Luther King Jr. came out alive after someone tried to assassinate him.Luther-King-Jr

Martin enjoyed smoking, but not in front of his kids or withing church grounds. He and his wife spend their honeymoon at a friend’s funeral parlor. The money he received after the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony were donated by him to the Civil Rights movement. Despite the fact that he’s known as a gifted preacher, he actually got a C in public speaking in seminary classes. A Grammy was posthumously awarded to Martin Luther King Jr. in 1971. This happened because of his Why I Oppose the War in Vietnam speech. Michelle Nichols, who acted as Uhura in popular series Star Trek, pursued the role beyond the first season thanks to King Jr.

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