• Fascinating Great Depression Facts

    The Great Depression is an important landmark in history. Many debates have been raised on the matter. We’re chipping in with several interesting facts and figures, as well as statistics. A lot of people think the Great Depression began in 1929. In fact, it started in the early 1920s. The main cause which triggered this

  • 19 Exciting Uranus Facts

    Uranus is one of the many planets people are fascinated with. If you know little about it, you can expand on your knowledge with the following post! Our facts and info about Uranus aren’t meant only for adults; they’re useful for kids, too. So, if you love astrology, stay tuned and discover these important facts: you can’t

  • Interesting Facts About Alcohol

    If you’re not careful with your drinking habits, you’ll get addicted to alcohol. This causes numerous health problems. In the right dosage, though, alcohol can have its fair share of benefits. Explore both situations with these interesting facts. First things first, let’s see what a “drink” actually means. Beer, wine, and vodka are the most

  • Weird and Interesting Facts About Penguins

    Penguins are much loved by many people, be they young or old. In case you’ve always wanted to have an in-depth look at these amazing birds, we prepared some facts for kids and adults! A penguin is that bird which cannot fly. But it’s so much more than that. You may also think that all

  • Unknown Cockroach Facts

    A vast majority of people hate cockroaches. But there are some who find these insects fascinating. Sit back and enjoy these interesting facts about an insect you’ve always found repulsive! A cockroach individual belongs to this order: Blattaria. The Class it represents is Insecta. Cockroaches also belong to these: Phylum Arthropoda and Kingdom Animalia. Other

  • 18 Interesting Killer Whale Facts

    A killer whale is more commonly known as orca. Different interesting facts and information on this impressive mammal are available here for kids and adults. Have fun learning about these superb mammals! Our info can be read below: you don’t have to fear a killer whale. This sea creature doesn’t attack or prey on people;

  • Exciting Platypus Facts

    You may think platypuses are truly bizarre. Truth is, they’re just one of the many fascinating creatures which inhabit our world. We hope to change your mind about them with the following post and fact sheet! Now for our top interesting facts: first off, the platypus has a Latin name. And it sounds like this: Ormithorhynchus

  • Fascinating Bald Eagle Facts

    Bald eagles are among the most fascinating birds. They’re tied to the US, are excellent hunters and have a bunch of other interesting attributes. More facts on these birds below! For kids and adults as well, the bald eagle (not to be confused with the golden eagle) is an important symbol. Especially if you live

  • 20 Interesting Seahorse Facts

    Today we’ll tackle seahorses. There are a lot of interesting facts about these adorable sea creatures. We will explore each of them in this article: The seahorse has a particular Latin name: Hippocampus. In English, this term means horse caterpillar; Seahorses belong to the Family Syngnathidae; This tiny animal is, in fact, a fish. It

  • Amazing Coral Reef Facts

    A coral reef is one of nature’s most fascinating works of art. It’s important for kids and adults to understand why they have to be protected. Let’s see how come coral reefs are so interesting and important! Several interesting facts and information are available below: 3 types of coral reefs can be found: coral atolls,

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