• 7 amazing Neptune facts

    Neptune is one of the most interesting planets. Today you’ll find out what makes it so fascinating! Adults and kids alike have always been interested in the Solar System. The Sun is one of its components. Planets are the other objects which orbit it. There are 9 planets in total. One of them is Neptune,

  • Interesting Martin Luther King Jr. facts

    Martin Luther King Jr. is, along with Rosa Parks and others, one of the most influential names in history. His impact on the civil rights movement is very strong. This is why we’ll tell you some interesting facts about him. And we’ll start with his biography and family life. Martin Luther King Jr. saw the

  • Interesting Christopher Columbus Facts

    Christopher Columbus is an important figure in world history. Let’s find out more about him and his adventures! There are a lot of interesting facts about Christopher Columbus. Some are very well-known, others not so much. We’ll begin this post by talking about his biography. Christopher Columbus was born on October 31 1451. His birthplace

  • Abraham Lincoln unknown Facts

    Abraham Lincoln is known as an American president. But there’s more to him than that. Do you want to know some very interesting and unknown facts about him? Stick with us and you’ll find out! Let us start by presenting Lincoln’s life. He came into the world on February 12th 1809. Hodgenville, Hardin County, Kentucky

  • 10 Interesting Dolphin Facts

    Dolphins are some of the most intelligent mammals out there. And they’re very popular among people. That is why we’re sharing interesting dolphin facts for kids and grown-ups alike! First, you should know there are a lot of different types of dolphins. More exactly, 43. Out of these, 38 are marine dolphins and the rest

  • 8 Interesting Starfish Facts

    Starfish – or sea stars – have always fascinated people. Today we find out why! Many interesting facts and information are available about sea stars. In reality, though, they aren’t exactly fish. These beautiful marine animals don’t move like fish do. They don’t even come with these: fins, scales or gills. To move around, starfish

  • Top Interesting Frederick Douglass Facts

    Frederick Douglass is one of the most important people in African-American history. His life and achievements place him alongside Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights activists. An estimated date of birth for Frederick Douglass is 1818. Later on, he opted for February 14 as his birthday. His full name was Frederick

  • 9 Fascinating Facts about Foxes

    Along with owls, foxes have always been a fascination with people. What do we actually know about these interesting animals? Let’s find out which are the most fascinating facts about this animal. Folklore is filled with stories about foxes. Finnish legends, for instance, feature them as having the power to change shape. Iceland folks have

  • Fascinating Facts about Owls

    Owls are some of the most misunderstood birds. They’re seen as death omens and companions of witches. That’s not what this post is about. We want to show you that these creatures of the night are, in fact, amazing! There’s a generous amount of unknown and interesting facts about owls. These birds are, first of

  • 8 Interesting Left-handed Facts

    There are varied discussions on the left-handed versus right-handed matter. One thing’s for sure: being left-handed can be an annoyance for people born that way. But there are also those who don’t mind doing things with their left hand. There are even advantages to being left-handed, as well as many interesting facts and myths to consider. Here’s a

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